Minimizing Regulatory Risk and
Stabilizing Costs to Public Agencies.

Providing off-site stormwater solutions to on-site needs

Through Public Private Partnerships (P3s) with government entities, National Stormwater Trust, Inc. provides quick access to private and public capital with the advantages of private sector innovation and efficiency. NST partners with governmental entities through P3s or other forms of Design, Build, Operate and Finance agreements for the operation and management of public infrastructure. This minimizes regulatory risk and stabilizes costs to public agencies, while preserving all-important public accountability for system performance and positive environmental outcomes.

State Departments of Transportation (DOT) and local governments collect and manage more stormwater than any other landowners in the United States. As inexpensive groundwater sources become more scarce, water suppliers and end-users must begin to look to alternative water supplies (AWS) to meet future demands for clean drinking water. Stormwater harvesting is the next frontier in AWS, and working with DOTs and local governments to collect and supply stormwater is critical to meeting existing and projected demands.

NST is Helping government services:

  • Partner With Government Entities
  • Minimize Regulatory Risk
  • Stabilize Costs to Public Agencies