This Applicant’s Handbook Volume II accompanies Chapter 62-330, Fla. Admin. Code, and the Environmental Resource Permit Applicant’s Handbook Volume I (General and Environmental). Applicant’s Handbook Volume I is applicable to all environmental resource permit applications, and provides background information on the environmental resource permit (ERP) program.

This Volume is designed to be applicable only to those ERP applications that involve the design of a stormwater management system that requires a permit as provided in Chapter 62-330, F.A.C., or Section 403.814(12) F.S. This volume also contains South Florida Water Management District (District) specific appendices for regionally-specific criteria such as basin maps for cumulative impact assessments (see Applicant’s Handbook Volume I, Section 10.2.8), mitigation bank service area determination (refer to Chapter 62-342, F.A.C), and above ground impoundments.

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SFWMD ERP Applicant’s Handbook II