Absolutely! Whether it’s cashing out your existing stormwater assets, or building new stormwater treatment areas as a DBOF partner, NST can solve your problems. Prior to the acquisition or development of stormwater infrastructure, NST uses a state of the art, GIS-based, data-driven system to quickly and accurately analyze operations and evaluate risk. As a result, NST’s operations and maintenance services are guided by an efficient, total system management approach to control costs and regulatory risks.

NST uses a proprietary model to evaluate our Internal Rate of Return for potential acquisitions and the Return on Investment for our potential customers.

Initial EvaluationInitial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation

  • 5 Days
  • Risk Management
  • Valuation
  • Engineering/Hydrology

Investment ProposalInvestment Proposal

Investment Proposal

  • 30 Days
  • Project Pro Forma
  • Approval by Investment Committee

Complete Land TransactionComplete Land Transaction

Complete Land Transaction

  • 90 Days

Complete Entitlement ProcessComplete Entitlement Process

Complete Entitlement Process

  • 180 Days
  • Begin Construction
  • Begin Operation