Seller: National Stormwater Trust, Inc. (“NST”) (by and through its public private partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”))

Date available: July 31, 2020 (immediate availability)

Amount available: 0.45 acre-ft of stormwater treatment capacity (in smaller increments, if desired)

Basin: Tampa Bay Watershed (see applicable basin map below)

Type: Compensatory (non-physical hook up) and permitted in an FDOT stormwater facility

Timing: Capacity is already constructed and available for transfer

Maintenance: Long term maintenance costs of the stormwater facility and related equipment are fully covered by NST and FDOT

Reservation: Yes, contact us for terms and other details

Offering: Reservations are accepted, but a contract to purchase takes priority over a reservation agreement

Listing: First come, first served. This offer and listing will expire without further notice if withdrawn by NST or the treatment capacity is sold or reserved. This offer is subject to NST’s approval and execution of a reservation agreement or purchase contract with the purchaser.

Executive Summary

In the second half of 2019, FDOT entered into an exclusive public private partnership (“P3”) with NST allowing NST to utilize, create, sell, and permit excess stormwater treatment capacity in FDOT stormwater ponds located in FDOT Districts 1, 5, and 7. This treatment capacity may be purchased and permitted by real estate owners and developers desiring offsite treatment capacity for their development projects, thus allowing a property owner or developer to (i) avoid onsite stormwater infrastructure, (ii) utilize all of the real property for development or parking, and (iii) avoid all long term maintenance and regulatory costs and obligations associated with traditional onsite stormwater infrastructure.

For Assistance and Questions, Please Contact: Jeff Littlejohn at

Tampa Bay Basin Service Area