National Stormwater Trust, Inc. is paving the way for new and innovative uses of remote sensor technology in the stormwater and water treatment marketplace. NST is a stormwater management company that assumes the responsibility for the operation of stormwater ponds and deploys the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art stormwater treatment solutions that benefit our partners and the environment.

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Stormwater Nutrient Credit Program Offers Flexibility

To maximize design flexibility for its partners, National Stormwater Trust has created the Stormwater Nutrient Credit market, a first-of-its-kind trading program that allows public and private developers to meet a portion of their stormwater treatment requirements by purchasing credits generated off-site.

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Hurricane Resilient Babcock Ranch Doubles Down on Smart Stormwater Ponds

Today marks the start of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, and the devasting impact of last season’s Hurricane Ian isn’t far from the minds of many Floridians, particularly those living in the highly impacted region of Southwest Florida. The financial toll from flooding left in the wake of Hurricane Ian is estimated to range from $18 billion to $35 billion.

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IN THE NEWS: Florida Trend ‘Smart’ Pond

As Category 4 Hurricane Ian approached in late September, a “smart” retention pond on S.R. 45 near Port Tampa Bay captured 175,000 cubic feet of the polluted flow before it hit Tampa Bay. Technology in the pond continuously assesses its contents and rainfall forecasts to initiate an automatic release of partly filtered contents before a storm comes ashore. Operators can also remotely lower the water levels when a storm approaches.

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NST TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Meet Capt. John Ferguson, USN-Ret., President & COO

We are very proud of the rich and diverse backgrounds and experience brought to the smart stormwater industry by our team at NST.  One team member in particular, NST President and COO Capt. John Ferguson (USN-Retired), was recently appointed to represent to Muscogee Creek Nation at the ship construction steel-cutting ceremony for the future USNS Muscogee Creek Nation at Bollinger Mississippi Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss.

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