Aviation and Aerospace

Whether an airport is focused on optimizing its land area to increase tenant revenue, expanding an apron for remain overnight (RON) parking, or reducing wildlife attractants, relocating stormwater ponds away from airports represents an incredible opportunity for airports. NST recognizes this, and has focused its early efforts on assisting our airport partners with efficient, affordable offsite stormwater treatment services.

Ports and Marine Facilities

Within seaports, land is at premium to efficiently manage cargo. Every square foot of seaport property that can’t be devoted to handling, storing and moving cargo from ships to the marketplace is lost revenue. NST can assist seaports by relocating stormwater treatment areas away from premium, industrial waterfront property to off-port locations, recovering property or avoiding loss of property for productive uses.


Developers know that the highest and best use of property isn’t stormwater treatment, and we agree! Being able to achieve more residential lots per acre, or more parking spaces for a new retail site, or new lease revenue from an outparcel can make or break the proforma on a new development. NST stands ready to assist with new and redevelopment projects by providing a range of solutions, from economically viable offsite treatment options to turn key Design-Build-Operate-Finance options for onsite stormwater management.