Potential purchaser determines

Potential Purchaser (or their consultant) determines the quantity of stormwater treatment capacity required for a specific project.

Purchaser and NST enter into a capacity

Purchaser and NST enter into a Capacity Reservation Agreement. This Reservation Agreement locks in pricing and availability for a defined term to provide documentation and assurance to Purchaser during project design and permitting.

If capacity is not already available

If capacity is not already available, NST acquires a site-specific lease from FDOT and modifies the FDOT stormwater permit to create additional capacity. This typically takes 30-90 days to complete.

Purchaser and NST enter

Purchaser and NST enter into Capacity Purchase Agreement, which documents the amount of capacity allocated to the Purchaser for a specific project.

The transaction closes

The transaction closes with NST providing Purchaser a Capacity Allocation Certificate in exchange for the contracted purchase price.