Introducing CMAC to Engineers Without Borders

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the most recent enlightening presentation on Continuous Monitoring & Adaptive Control (CMAC) technology! On April 8th, 2024, NST and Florida State University’s Engineers Without Borders collaborated to deliver an insightful session led by NST’s Jackson Ledford, P.E.

Jackson described the innovative realm of CMAC technology, which is revolutionizing stormwater management practices. Here are some highlights from the presentation:
• Introduction to CMAC Systems: Attendees gained a comprehensive overview of how technology is changing the landscape of stormwater management.
• Reshaping Pond Maintenance with Technology: Jackson delved into how technological advancements are transforming the maintenance of ponds, offering more efficient and effective solutions to water quality and flood control.
• Case Studies: Attendees had the opportunity to explore case studies comparing conventional ponds to Smart Ponds, providing real-world examples of the benefits of this technology.

Did you miss the event? Don’t worry! Let us know if you are interested in future opportunities to engage with NST in cutting-edge stormwater management and design solutions. Email us at for more information.

Resiliency Grants Available Now!

The Resilient Florida Program is a State grant program available to government entities to address impacts of flood and sea level rise. The National Stormwater Trust, Inc. is partnering with local governments to pursue grant funding for several stormwater improvements. For more information, please Click Here to See Florida Resilient Grants Website.

For assistance qualifying your project or meeting grant deadlines, please contact Erin Klores at

Governmental Services

Through Public Private Partnerships (P3s) with government entities, NST provides quick access to private and public capital with the advantages of private sector innovation and efficiency. NST partners with governmental entities through P3s or other forms of Design, Build, Operate and Finance agreements for the operation and management of public infrastructure. This minimizes regulatory risk and stabilizes costs to public agencies, while preserving all-important public accountability for system performance and positive environmental outcomes.

State Departments of Transportation (DOT) and local governments collect and manage more stormwater than any other landowners in the United States. As inexpensive groundwater sources become more scarce, water suppliers and end-users must begin to look to alternative water supplies (AWS) to meet future demands for clean drinking water. Stormwater harvesting is the next frontier in AWS, and working with DOTs and local governments to collect and supply stormwater is critical to meeting existing and projected demands.

Commercial Services

NST provides turn key stormwater ownership and management solutions to its commercial partners, including Real Estate Investment Trusts, commercial property managers, and large chain retailers. Benefits to commercial entities include regulatory and financial risk transfer, freeing up capital spent on stormwater infrastructure, and stabilizing operating and maintenance costs.

Before acquiring or developing stormwater infrastructure, NST uses a state-of-the-art, GIS-based system to quickly and accurately analyze operations and evaluate risk. As a result, NST can efficiently provide construction, operation and maintenance of stormwater treatment capacity thus lowering the total cost of ownership and regulatory risk.

The knowledge and experience of NST’s stormwater experts allow us to form long-lasting partnerships that transform stormwater management liabilities into opportunities to improve the quality of water in the communities we serve.